New Features to Look for in Home Appliances

Whether the last time you went shopping for new home appliances was ten years ago or as recently as a year ago, chances are there are a lot of features you haven’t seen yet. Whether the last time you went shopping for new home appliances was ten years ago or as recently as a year ago, chances are there are a lot of features you haven’t seen yet. Manufacturers are stepping up to meet the demands of busy homeowners who juggle work, family, friends, outside activities — oh, and household chores. Each big-name manufacturer has dedicated development teams working on new product functions day in and day out. Here we’ll take a look at five common household appliances and the new features they offer to simplify your household workload.

Dryers – Today’s dryers offer more options, so you can customize each load. Steam features allow you to freshen up gently used clothing without putting it through the entire laundering process or work out wrinkles from a load of laundry that may have sat in the washer overnight. Automatic shut-off options sense when clothing is dry and keep clothes from being exposed to excessive heat, plus keep energy usage to a minimum. Panels display energy use, so homeowners can choose the most efficient option for each load of laundry depending on volume and type of clothing. home appliances jayanagar

Microwaves – Remember when the appearance of the popcorn button on new microwaves seemed exciting? Well, get ready, because your new microwave is going to do a whole lot more than heat up leftovers and pop a bag of popcorn. Manufacturers are bringing in technology from other kitchen appliances to make the microwave more versatile in the home. Some offer convection oven capabilities and can even brown or grill your dinner for you.

Ovens – Double ovens are gaining in popularity. They give the homeowner the freedom to cook dishes in two separate temperatures — ideal for dinner parties and cooking enthusiasts.

Refrigerators – New versions offer a fourth door, which is sandwiched between the freezer, on the bottom, and the two main French-style refrigerator doors on the top. It’s at a perfect level for kids to access by themselves and allows you to quickly grab a piece of fruit, or other snack, without opening up the whole refrigerator, which can spike your electricity usage. Multiple crispers with individual controls are another new feature that can lead to cost savings — store produce appropriately and you’ll save yourself from throwing away that wilted lettuce or over-ripened avocado. LCD screens offer instant nutritional data so you can keep an eye on your calorie consumption.

Washers – Like many other appliances, LCD technology has been incorporated into new models of washers. A touch screen allows you to search out specific washing instructions — like the need to get out those grass stains from your child’s play clothes — and track how much detergent you’re using. Even the addition of a simple digital clock on new models is handy, so you know exactly how much time is left on the current load of laundry. Energy efficiency is another hot topic, with energy costs and concern about the environment constantly on the rise. New models blow away what their predecessors could do in terms of keeping electricity and water consumption to a minimum. Many of today’s washers use under ten gallons of water, as opposed to the 40 gallons used by most models that are just ten years old.



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